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Hey Billy, I just received the cookies and had to have one this morning and the taste great ! Please tell Michelle thanks for Me! ~Michael Goddard

Great cookies, Got my order fast!! Thanks Michelle ~Charlie Mikel from FB

Robert Lebensbaum: from my wife, The cookies were just delivered. I inhaled one-Delicious!

Hi Michelle,
Thank you so much for getting my order out so quickly. OMG, these cookies are soooo amazing. I had to put them in the downstairs freezer so I would limit how many I eat! My favorite so far is the chocolate chip! Love them!!! Thanks again.

Kudos from Dr Brandy SeguraI posted this pic the other day of a protein cookie I received. Well, I finally ATE it and YES, YES, YES, it was delicious! Best protein cookie ever and I found a new product I love! Try them out atwww.michellesmagicmorsels.com. Thanks Ifbb Pro Michelle Brent for the great product sample!
~Dr. Brandy Segura

Kathy Hornbuckle NPC Physique CompetitorMichelle-

Just wanted to drop you a note saying what a pleasure it was to meet you and your husband. Reaching for the carrot again at the North American. Hope to see you there and look forward to training with you in CT.

Love the cookies, will order and pass info on to my clients. Leaving you my site info. Would you like me to link your cookie site on it?

If you would like to add my picture and that I love your cookies to your site - Feel Free*:) happy "Big girls love BIG COOKIES" -KH

Kathy Hornbuckle

Great cookies Michelle. First treat I had in 18 weeks. Very tasty and did not lay my stomach like mud. ~Nino Sicliano

Roger FrederickThank you so much. I am 64 years old and only been bodybuilding for 4 years. I like the sample I got in the welcome package and that is why I put the order in. ~ Roger Frederick

Mark Anoinette for Michelles Magic MorselsRecently I purchased some health food, protein cookies made by Ifbb Pro Michelle Brent. The ingredients listed are all natural, no additives whatsoever: Protein Blend, whole wheat and unbleached flours amongst others. I believe in sharing something beneficial so obviously I am saying purchase this. They are also very good tasting so resist the urge to purge and eat them right before workouts. ~Mark Anoinette

Shannon Courteny IFBB ProYay, made my day:)) can't wait to munch on these delicious, nutritious treats this weekend, Thanks IFBB Pro Michelle Brent ~ IFBB Pro Shannon Courtney

Alycen KeatleyThe best tasting healthy thing for you that I have ever had!! You have got to try them!! ~Alycen Keatley -Tacoma Washington

Kira Neunam, IFBB ProMmmmmm #protein the best! Thanks Michelle Brent! Michelle's Magic Morsels!

Got my cookies. Thanks! I was going thru withdrawals without them. Laugh out Loud ~Jill Mautino FB Friend

Great tasting cookies I don't have to feel quilty eating. Keep up the great work! ~ Rich Osborne

My son and hubby love your magic morsels  ~Heather OzbornMy son and hubby love your magic morsels ~ Heather Ozborn FB Frend and competitor

Kaite ShawCame home from an hour walk with the dogs...and I'm hungry! It's FEEDIN' time!!! Walk up to the house and what do I see has been delivered???? My protein cookies from Michelle's Magic Morsels.com (Ifbb Pro Michelle Brent)!!!! Perfect timing! AND Ummmmmmmmmm

Can you say DELICIOUS??!!!!!!!

Sooooooooo yummy Michelle! Thank you so much! I WILL be a long term costumer for sure! ~ Katie Shaw

About Us

Michelles Magic Morsels, High Quality Protein Cookies made with that good homestyle taste. My name is Michelle Brent. I have been an athlete most of my life and participated in sports in High School and College. I became a competitive bodybuilder in 1986 and still compete to this day.

I have been involved in the health and fitness field for over 20 years. I used to own a gym and purchased different supplement and protein products. Since becoming a bodybuilder, I’m always in need of a sufficient amount of protein. Now with the selection of meal replacements, there are different ways to get protein in, especially with all the bars and now cookies to choose from. Most do not taste that good.

I have always loved to bake and used to work for a quality bakery for a few years before I did my gym.. I have always wanted to come up with my own tasty, and that’s the key word “tasty” meal replacement. Now that cookies have become a popular supplement, I thought I would try my hand at my own recipe, which developed into Michelle's Magic Morsels.

I put together my own recipe and included the number one ingredient missing in society today, PROTEIN! I use a quality whey protein blend and fresh ingredients I use egg whites and SPLENDA blend sugars to bring down the calorie content My cookies are a Big 3 oz size that are a great tasting, home style meal replacement made directly by me!!

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